Post Your Auctions

Set Up:

  • Sign up as a Member of the Association using the MEMBER LOGIN button.
  • Sign Up To Post using the button at the bottom of the Find an Auction page
  • Note: This is a different process, and uses a different system, than Membership signup.
  • Enter correct information, in full
  • and the association’s site administrator will receive an email with your submitted form information and one of them will activate you, allowing you to be able to then post your auction(s).

Posting Auctions:

  • Log into Wavebid with the username and password you entered in the Sign Up form.
    • If you are already familiar with I3, post and have fun!
    • If you have an, or I2 account, please remember that this signup, not your old one, is the one that posts to the Association site.
  • If you are new to Wavebid/I3, start with this video:

Sign Up To Post